Saturday, June 11, 2011

Off Topic Post -- Body Image and Eating Disorders

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My high school friend Harriet just joined as a follower of my  blog. Thanks! My blog is devoted to lighter genre fiction but I was reminded of the importance of her latest book and its message. The book is Brave Girl Eating (William Morrow (August 24, 2010), and it recounts the harrowing story of  her daughter's illness with anorexia and her recovery. The story has a happy ending and the daughter is now back in college and doing OK.

I am reminded of how our personal struggles are not really personal but the price of living in our modern world. Ambiguous messages of society are written in our bodies and our minds. Our tattoos and piercings,  the evidence of our work patterned on our bones, food we consume, alcohol, and for many of  us - the struggles with weight and to control our bodies - sometimes mine seems like an out of control bronco - are all written on our bodies with marks we carry to our graves. The messages on our minds - and even more terrible - within our children's minds, are even harder to understand, change, or  eradicate.

My daughter says the cover is reminiscent of Twilight; I assume this is intentional. Anyway, this book is a good one in your arsenal if you have teenagers or someone struggling with body image issues.

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