Monday, August 29, 2011

Emily Arsenault's Broken Teaglass

The Broken Teaglass
Emily Arsenault
Delacorte Press

This unusual novel, Arsenault's debut, is set in the editorial department of a large and prestigious  New England  dictionary publisher where the new and somewhat clueless Billy has gotten his first real job. And like most entrees in to the working world, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Or it has its internal workings that are not clear to the neophyte.In this story, the mystery is concealed in clues in the citation files of words and Billy along with his mysterious would be girlfriend, Mona, set out to solve the mystery.

It's very well written . I recently reviewed her more recent In Search of the Rose Notes about a mystery in a girl's past.  She's very good with the story within a story and with a story that needs to unfold very slowly. I'm afraid I lost patience with Teaglass about halfway through. DNF but I will probably go back to it though.

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