Sunday, October 23, 2011

And I'm in paradise...

Waterloo Sunset
Martin Edwards
Poison Pen

This is the second Martin Edwards novel I've read. Loved the Lake district setting of The Coffin Trail. Waterloo Sunset is part of his series set in Liverpool featuring lawyer Harry Devlin. I read it with my iPad map next to me scoping out all the sights and sounds of Liverpool, a city that frankly is not on my list of cities to visit in the UK. Edwards presents it so wonderfully I am having second thoughts. Not about the Beatles tour but about the Liver Building, the Strand, and the Iron Men in the Mersey. And the history, Liverpool is the stepping off point for so many ships to the Americas including the one my great-grandmother Rebecca took in 1905. And Waterloo Sunset is one of my fav. Kinks songs. Like most people I assumed they meant Waterloo in London but possibly not. After all there must be Waterloos all over the UK, right?

Anyway Harry and co. Are wonderful characters and the setting is superb. In this one Harry is getting a death threat, has re-met his old squeeze Juliet May, who (was/is) married to a brutal thug, and his management consultant is all over him to modernize. Harry and his partner Jim have moved into a new shiny office in a re-habbed building full of secrets. And there's a nice young cleaner who helps out. Charming characters and dialogue, first rate setting, and I like Harry probably more than Daniel Kind, the Lake District nob.

I've got the Cipher Garden, another in the Lake District series, on hold at the library and life is good! I intend to read through the rest of the Liverpool series too. Well worth it.

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