Sunday, January 29, 2012

One for the Money movie

Well, I saw the movie on Friday with a group of Trenton oriented historians, historic preservation folks, and fans. We liked the movie pretty well - enjoyed the repartee, handsome muscular men, and Sherry Sheppard as Lula, in particular. The movie was shot not in Trenton but in Pittsburgh, which led to some very disconcerting scenes of abandoned steel mills and mountains in the background. Also the houses and streets were mostly pretty wrong for the 'burg. They did use a number of stickers, props, wall maps, signs, and local references that gave a little flavor. I thought Katherine Heigl was just fine as Stephanie Plum despite being almost universally panned by critics. My fellow movie goers thought she was too pretty but pretty good. The movie is light and enjoyable if not the greatest detective film ever, not quite the disaster it was made out to be.

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